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The N type single crystal solar cells mature continental silicon wafer layout may shock

Solar energy conversion efficiency of high N type single crystal silicon wafer, has been the world's solar energy industry actively layout area, recent mainland 4 operate relatively mature manufacturers including central European, Longji silicon, Kamm Dante, sunlight energy, is regarded as " N four ", once the N type single crystal solar cells to mature, a powerful threat present mainstream polycrystalline silicon wafer factory such as poly ( GCL ), Jiangxi LDK ( LDK ), 4 N type single crystal silicon wafer factory broke, causing the mainland territory of reforming of silicon wafer.

N type single crystal silicon wafer conversion efficiency is high, is regarded as a reverse solar market important new technologies, recent mainland industry chain in N type single crystal silicon wafer layout has a prototype, the solar energy industry including Tianjin named semiconductor in its central European, Longji silicon, Kamudan special, the sun's energy and other manufacturers, as in the type N single crystal silicon wafer area inking is deep, called " N four ".

Solar energy industry were pointed out, the majority of input N type solar wafer factory are polycrystalline silicon wafer capacity burden is not, or even a new investment industry, " N four ", the main products are based on mature P type single crystal, polycrystalline silicon wafer is not representative of factory, because of multiple crystal factory has a huge production capacity, to convert the runway to N type single crystal, short-term investment benefit not beautiful, in recent years the class of single crystal was active promotion, although the present market acceptance limited.