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The difference between the lamp and lamp

Spotlights downlight and many people are confused, do not know these two types of lamps have what distinction, should be applied to what is the position of home furnishing, and application effects of any different.

Simply put, Tongdeng is a relative to the general with the lamp with the lamp, is generally used for general illumination or auxiliary lighting.

Lighting is a highly concentrated light, which light is assigned specific objectives. Is mainly used for special lighting, such as the emphasis on a very good or very new.

We are from several areas to distinguish between lamp and lamp.

1, from the source to see

Lamp can be installed the incandescent light bulb, can also be installed energy-saving lamps. Suitable for incandescent lamp when the Yellow light. Energy saving lamp with optic bulb types can be white or yellow light. Downlight ceilings light source direction is not adjustable. From the chart we can see directly downlight energy-saving lamp, waterproof lamp is on the outside and a waterproof cover glass.

General household lighting is used in quartz bulb, or beads. Of course, large lighting is not necessarily quartz bulb. Quartz bulb only yellow light. And general lighting direction of the light can be adjusted freely.

2, from the application position

Lamp is mounted in a ceiling, ceiling in general need more than 150mm can be loaded. Of course there are external type lamp. In the absence of lamp or chandelier Tongdeng regional installation is the very good choice, the light relative to the lighting should be soft.

Spotlights can generally be divided into track type, hanging type and embedded etc.. Lamp with transformer, but also without transformer. Embedded lamp can be installed in the ceiling. Lamp is mainly used for emphasis or performance, such as the TV wall, paintings, jewelry, can be made to enhance the effect of light charm.