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The development and utilization of solar energy mode

Solar thermal utilization
Its basic principle is to collect the solar radiation, through interaction with matter is converted into heat energy utilization. Currently the most frequently used solar energy collection device, mainly flat type heat collector, vacuum tube collector, ceramic solar energy heat collector and focusing heat collector 4. Usually based on can reach temperatures and different purposes, and the solar energy utilization is divided into a low temperature (<200 ℃), the temperature in the use of ( 200~ 800 ℃) and for use in high temperature (>800 ℃). The low temperature use mainly include solar water heaters, solar drying, solar collector, solar house, solar greenhouse, solar air-conditioning and refrigeration system, medium temperature using mainly solar stoves, solar thermal power light and heat collection device, for use in high temperature are of high temperature solar furnace.

Solar power
A new energy future large-scale use of solar energy is used to generate electricity. There are many ways to use solar power. Now utility mainly has the following two kinds.

①light - heat - electricity conversion. The use of solar radiation generated by thermal power. The general is the use of solar energy heat collector will be absorbed by the heat transfer of steam, then the steam to drive a gas turbine driven generator. A process for light - heat conversion, after a process of heat - electricity conversion.

The light - electricity conversion. It is based on the principle of photovoltaic effect, solar radiation will be directly converted into electricity, the basic unit is a solar battery.

Actinic utilization
This is a use of solar radiation direct hydrogen production from water decomposition of light - chemical conversion mode. It includes the photosynthesis, photoelectric chemical action, photosensitive chemical and optical decomposition reaction.
Photochemical conversion is due to absorption of light radiation causes chemical reactions that convert the chemical energy of process. The basic forms of plant photosynthesis and the use of chemical changes of photochemical reaction for storage of solar energy.

Plants rely on chlorophyll to the conversion of light energy into chemical energy, realize its growth and reproduction, if can reveal the mystery of photochemical conversion, and can realize artificial chlorophyll power. At present, the solar energy photochemical conversion is being explored actively, study.

Optical biological utilization
Through the plant photosynthesis to realize converting solar energy into biomass process. At present there are fast-growing plants ( such as firewood ), oil crops and giant kelp.
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